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Our History

ALYAMAMA, one of the largest groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia was established in 1952 as a trading and contracting firm. Since its inception, it has executed hundreds of projects in operation and maintenance, construction, landscaping and irrigation.

ALYAMAMA is committed to delivering consistently high standards of service to its customers. The practices for managing quality are integrated with those for managing health, safety and environment in a manner that satisfies requirements and enhances business performance. The corporate policy is in compliance with the highest international standards. ALYAMAMA executed millions of man hours of work without any accidents.

Driven by of owners ambition, the company has diversified into several other fields. After a long experience of working as a construction company for several decades, ALYAMAMA added other lines of business such as Environmental Services, Waste Water Handling, Water Treatment, Electric and Mechanical Works, Rail Roads, NDT and through its dedicated Subsidiary Saudi Pioneers, a wide range of Oil & Gas Services can be provided.

The real value to the company is its well trained and highly qualified staff whose number exceeds 28,000 employees of various nationalities while the Saudization rate is the optimum care and it is already in compliance with the Labor Law.

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