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Operation & Maintenance
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Al Yamama Company Facilities Management division aspires to develop and establish itself as a national leader in the provision of maintenance and operation services. To support this target it is committed to developing a highly skilled work force supported by policies and management systems which enable the company to remain competitive despite continually changing markets and clients requirements.

The Division is able to call upon the services of three thousand five hundred professional, technical and engineering staff equipped with more than one thousand pieces of specialized equipment to carry out maintenance and operation works. Since its launch the Division has contributed significantly to Company achievements and values as stated below.

Al Yamama group of companies which is represented by quality, professionalism, unique service . Achieved with God’s help and the great efforts of staff working hard to respond to clients desires in a timely and transparent service.

Scope of Work:

  • Electric
  • Mechanical
  • Soft FM
  • Environmental
  • Hard FM
  • Landscape
  • Stores Management
  • Contract Management
  • Security, Health & Safety
  • Helpdesk
  • Low Current
  • Solid waste Management
  • Printing press
Operation & Maintenance Projects :
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