Health and Safety

Health and Safety

Al Yamamah companies provide healthcare services to approximately 30,000 employees and dependants through the Medical Services Department.

Al Yamamah Group puts its employees first and considers their health and safety to be critical, as they make no effort to maintain their comfort and well-being. Several occupational health initiatives have been launched, whose strategy included health monitoring programmes for workers exposed to high levels of noise and environmental hazards such as organic lead and gasoline. The ability of individuals to use and monitor breathing equipment is regularly assessed through the actual review programme for ventilators and accurate records of all occupational health programmes are maintained. Stakeholders are also informed of the results and staff are advised on potential risks in their areas of work.

The medical department conducts pre-employment medical examinations, occupational monitoring, periodic check-ups, determines a person's fitness for work, sick leave, time of return to work, and provides all advice regarding job change for those with certain health problems. The medical department issues guidance to deal with certain problems such as extreme discomfort, heat exposure, etc. All employees are regularly informed of general medical news and important topics via the company's internal email system.

Health care for families is provided through the medical insurance service at health facilities in various cities of the Kingdom, where all employees and their authorized assistants can easily benefit from the services of these facilities using a medical card issued by the insurance company. The performance of health facilities that provide health care services to employees and their foremen is regularly reviewed and monitored.


Zero incidents.

Zero injuries.

Damage/occupational diseases zero.

Assessing/prioritizing training needs:

A specific project.

A specific task.

Check in:

Certificates/ classification.

Keeping records.

Tools and responsibilities:

Commitment to responsibility.

Granting ownership.


Constantly review and update the procedures.

Data risk assessment.

Work ranges.


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