Construction department is among the first departments to be established. It ensures the study, analysis, design and execution of projects with a total focus on time management to achieve 100 percent on-time delivery. This is praised by all corporate, government and private sector clients.

The excellent reputation is further endorsed by hundreds of projects in different sectors:

  • - General contracting and constructions
  • - Road, bridge and rail works
  • - Housing complexes
  • - Tactical military sites
  • -Pumping stations Electrical substationsInfrastructure works and water networks And more in specialized works




Project of King Abdul Aziz Camels Festival
The construction of Communication and Information Technology Complex in Riyadh
The construction of Saudi Arabian Agricultural Bank
Sports Authority
Saudi Electricity Company
Royal Air Force Ministry of Defense
National Water Company
Construction of railway stations
The construction of an overpass at the intersection of King Faisal Road (Coastal Road) and King Abdul Aziz Road (Port Road)
The construction the SABIC Academy for Development and Knowledge
The construction of Ministry of Defense facilities near the airport in Ras Al-Ghar and Safwa

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