Al Yamama provides a full range of Facilities Management services and their solutions as well as specialized solutions for a wide variety of its clients

The Group designs these solutions to fit the commercial, residential and industrial requirements that need analysis in addition to setting main plans and their execution using the best practices in this field. The integrated solutions provided by Al Yamama Group for Facilities Management as well as building maintenance services offer a set of  'comprehensive' and widespread business outsourcing services.

  • Building management services
  • Mail and reception room services
  • Conference room reservation services
  • Space layout and design services
  • Renovation projects
  • Project management services
  • Planning preventive and interactive maintenance operations and setting their schedules using a computerized maintenance management system
  • Office services
  • Help desk services
  • Industrial facility operation services
  • Facilities Management

These specialized services include advanced engineering services and extensive technical expertise.


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