Whistleblowing Policy

Policy for Reporting Abusive Practices

We commit ourselves to conducting our business honestly and fairly with the highest ethical and legal standards, and to mutual respect in all our business transactions in order to preserve the values of the Al-Yamama group.

Through which all staff, clients, suppliers, subcontractors, consultants and other stakeholders can have the capacity and courage to express concerns about actual or suspected unethical, illegal or unwanted behaviour so that reported problems can be mitigated.
We in the Al-Yamama Group strongly support and cherish our staff and other stakeholders in action from (Protect) their identity so that they can report their fears freely and without fear of retaliation or intimidation where, in the event of retaliation against any of the stakeholders, they will never be tolerated as a result of having informed the company in good faith of their concerns about any illegal or immoral conduct, and any stakeholder must inform the legal department of their exposure to any kind of retaliation. While we confirm that the Al-Yamama group will deal with any complaints of interference, retaliation, threats, pressure or intimidation against persons who report in good faith or disclose possible inappropriate or illegal activities, the Al-Yamama group will protect the whistleblowers.

What communications are covered?
This policy should be implemented if there is a real concern that there are reasonable grounds to believe that:
1-  Suspected theft or fraud.
2-  Already tried. Fail, Fail, Fail, Formal, Formal, Contracts, Contracts.
3-  Threats are threatened with death or threats to safety.
4-  My neighbor's stinging stinging strain of climax.

It is also a violation of Al Yamama Group’s Code of Conduct, Compliance and Business Ethics failure to report any violation or potential violation by employees and other stakeholders or refuse to cooperate with investigation when needed. Concerns should be reported or disclosed in good faith, and it is prohibited to report False, false, and malicious accusations under this Policy, including particular concerns that may fall within the terms of this Policy, and in the course of Al Yamama Group's business, include, for example, violation of the Group's Code of Conduct and Ethics, breach of confidentiality, financial fraud, and infringement or breach of health and safety requirements. In general, this policy covers acts and abuses that may be considered illegal, inconsistent with applicable policies or procedures or outside the scope of an individual's authority, conflict of interests or any actions that may harm the reputation of Al Yamama Group.
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