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Al Yamama Group is at the forefront of companies working to tackle sustainability challenges in the most efficient and responsible manner. We are committed to helping customers pioneer more sustainable solutions and deliver our activities more efficiently. In every aspect of our business, we relentlessly innovate, collaborate and strive to do more.


Environment Protection

Al Yamama Group of Companies is committed to continuously improving its operations in order to reduce the level of pollution and waste, conserve natural resources, monitor its products, and manage and improve awareness of the environmental aspects of its business.

The Group also maintains its commitment to contribute to sustainabl development and the policies and standards that form the framework for achieving these goals and improving lifestyle. Al Yamama Group seeks to gain the recognition and appreciation of all due to its distinguished environmental record. Al Yamama Group values, work strategies and field operations show the highest environmental levels available.

This commitment has been referred to in the Group's Environmental Regulations, which states the following:

It is the responsibility of all employees of Al Yamama companies to protect the environment in which our employees, customers and the community around us work. Our commitment to protecting the environment is an integral part of our business and finding cost-effective environmental solutions is essential to our long-term success.

We at Al Yamama Group are committed to reducing environmental accidents, reducing emissions and waste, and exploiting energy and other natural resources.

Effectively prepare to respond to emergencies, evaluate our products, educate our employees, customers and the community about the ways and importance of safe environmental uses, help our employees, contractors, business partners, and service providers understand the impact of their actions on the environment, communicate with our neighbors and others regarding our environmental programs, and continually work to improve our environmental performance by Effective management system.

These pledges are in addition to our basic commitment to implement all environmental laws and regulations. Al Yamama Group management firmly believes that the responsibility for preserving the environment lies with both individuals and management, and is committed to providing all the necessary resources to reach and maintain the highest environmental levels.

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Empowering People of Determination

In order to achieve Vision 2030, through which the Kingdom seeks to invest the energies and capabilities of people with disabilities by employing them in the private sector or providing training opportunities before their entry into the labor market, Al Yamamah Group of Companies for Business and Contracting had many strategic objectives to support people with disabilities and provide job opportunities in many jobs.

Women's Empowerment

Saudi women are now living in an unprecedented phase of empowerment. We have worked to empower women in the field of work and personal status, and today they are effectively a partner of the Saudi man in the development of all of our country without discrimination.” The percentage of women’s participation in the labor market doubled from 17% to 31%. . This is by providing a great opportunity for Saudi women to participate and prove their value, to keep pace with the aspirations of the Saudi society and contribute to the process of economic and social renaissance in the Saudi society in order to achieve the goals of Vision 2030. Among the strategic objectives adopted by Al-Yamamah Group for Business and Contracting is to increase the proportion of Saudi women in the group by 25%.

Youth Empowerment

Youth are the pillar of society, so that we can call Saudi society the title of youth society, where young people under the age of 30 constitute the largest proportion of the Kingdom’s population, and based on the Kingdom’s vision 2030 and its continuous bet on the energies of promising Saudi youth as one of the most important and largest basic groups in it. In its quest to achieve the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, Al Yamamah Group of Companies for Business and Contracting has pioneered training and employment programs for Saudi youth, and our efforts have been crowned with success in training more than... and employing..... of promising Saudi youth.

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