The chairman’s statement

Al Yamama Group is a multi-sector company focused on meeting the needs of all fields since its inception in 1952G/1372H. The source of this inspiration is a vision aiming at making a unique difference in both economic and business views in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Besides currently being one of the major groups in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, it takes great pride in our achievement of progress and expansion. Thanks to the conscientious work and the execution of a focused vision combined with advanced expertise and intelligent progressive thinking, the Group has a prominent position in the geo-economic landscape in Saudi Arabia.

Having a boundless ambition to be a market-leading company, we outlined future strategic plans for all business sectors in General Contracting, Constructions, Roads and Bridges and Railway Works, Water Networks and Infrastructure Works, Mechanical Works, Energy, and Industrial Projects, Environment, Health Protection, and Specialized Cleaning, Waste Management and Waste Disposal, Maintenance and Operation, Planting green areas and Irrigation Networks, Sewage networks, Water Pump Stations, Electrical Substations, Wood Industry, Industrial and Electromechanical works, Petrochemical Industries, Real Estate Development and Investment, Technical and Health Services, Oil and Gas Services, and many other specialized works.

The Group maintains strict compliance with the latest international standards in health, safety, and environment fields. Our policy has always been ‘employee first’ by which we laid strong emphasis on the performance improvement and safety of our employees. These millions of working hours free from any accidents give favorable testimonials regarding our commitment to the safety of more than 30,000 employees from diverse backgrounds and nationalities.

In compliance with Vision 2030 and labor law, the company is determined to exceed the Saudization percentage. The company takes pride in the carefully selected and highly qualified professionals who undergo periodic training to maintain the high standards and the basic values of the Group driving its vision to reality. In fact, we are on the brink of a bright future and we march confidently towards success destination.

Whereas Al Yamama Group complies with ethical and legal standards that are the cornerstone, it always aspires to something rather than only compliance, through setting a high standard code of conduct for its employees and targeted partners to be motivated in society.  Al Yamama Group implements a package of policies, regulations, and guidelines that support employees and provide them with guidance in their involvement in the intricacies of local and global work, as these policies serve as a compass and a reference standard against which we measure both our performance and the performance of our partners, contractors, suppliers, sister companies and joint ventures.

“In compliance with Vision 2030 and Labor Law, the company is still determined to exceed the Saudization percentage”

                               Chairman of Board of Directors

 Sheikh Abdullah Bin Hamad Alammar Al Khaldi


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